Seed Garlic
A limited supply of Oriental Purple Seed Garlic is available each year. Early enquiries are recommended as the demand is very keen and price is very reasonable.

Consultation Service
A consultation service is available for new growers. This often involves a visit to our garlic farm and is particularly relevant to organic garlic production.
This service is now very popular and is available only from April to October.

Group visits
Group visits are also welcome by arrangement. Group activities have included Garlic Seminars, Border Landcare Organic Group Field Days (150 members), Diggers Gardening Club Meeting, Weddings, Field Days, Organic Farm Group, Sydney University Horticultural Students

Enquiries welcome

Sustainable Farming

Utilisation of infamous African Love grass as mulch on garlic crop and in gardens when most people burn it off their paddocks each year.

A Working Water Wheel and a Solar Pump used for irrigation of garlic crop and for watering gardens.

Solar Power System on home.

Dorper Sheep

Small flock of Dorper sheep used mainly to produce manure for composting.

Renowned Garden

Renowned garden - & part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme 2008 with many rock features

Viewing Platform

Viewing Platform overlooking the waterfall and waterwheel, and for observing the platypus in the creek

Waterfall & Waterwheel

Waterfall and waterwheel below the viewing platform on the property

Holistic Lifestyle

Meditation Sanctuary – A round stone building (5metres diameter) built by Dick from stone on the property. Monthly meditation / spiritual sessions held.

Celtic Cross

Another one of Dick’s wonderful creations, the Celtic Cross.