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Smoked garlic from Rochford Organic Garlic

Rochfords Smoked Garlic

SMOKED GARLIC We have had a great response from customers to our Smoked Garlic. The question has been asked “how best to use it?” We were quite surprised how the smoking process really enhanced the flavour of the Oriental Purple and the Giant Russian in particular. We have always found the Russian very mild and don’t eat it much, but we are now hooked. It becomes a very versatile product – sliced into salads or used as normal. Cold smoking is quite a long process taking about 3 days or more. This involves keeping a good constant supply of smoke. The temperature in the smoke house must not get too hot and risk cooking the garlic, so a constant vigil is important. Because of the time factor and the long process involved we only operated the smoke house at the end of each month last season. This year we may have to smoke garlic every fortnight to meet the demand. The smoked garlic proved a real winner for gifts last season, with its gorgeous copper brown colour enhancing its appeal.

African love grass used as mulch at Rochford Organic Garlic

Sustainable Farming

Utilisation of infamous African Love grass as mulch on garlic crop and in gardens when most people burn it off their paddocks each year.

A Working Water Wheel and a Solar Pump used for irrigation of garlic crop and for watering gardens.

Solar Power System on home.

Dorper sheep at Rochford Organic Garlic Farm

Dorper Sheep

Small flock of Dorper sheep used mainly to produce manure for composting.

Garden at Rochford Organic Garlic

Renowned Garden

Renowned garden - & part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme 2008 with many rock features

Viewing platform at Rochford Organic Garlic

Viewing Platform

Viewing Platform overlooking the waterfall and waterwheel, and for observing the platypus in the creek

Waterwheel and waterfall at Rochford Organic Garlic

Waterfall & Waterwheel

Waterfall and waterwheel below the viewing platform on the property

Meditation Hut at Rochford Organic Garlic

Holistic Lifestyle

Meditation Sanctuary – A round stone building (5metres diameter) built by Dick from stone on the property. Monthly meditation / spiritual sessions held.

Celtic Cross at Rochford Organic Garlic

Celtic Cross

Another one of Dick’s wonderful creations, the Celtic Cross.