Smoked garlic from Rochford Organic Garlic

Rochfords Smoked Garlic

SMOKED GARLIC We have had a great response from customers to our Smoked Garlic. The question has been asked “how best to use it?” We were quite surprised how the smoking process really enhanced the flavour of the Oriental Purple and the Giant Russian in particular. We have always found the Russian very mild and don’t eat it much, but we are now hooked. It becomes a very versatile product – sliced into salads or used as normal. Cold smoking is quite a long process taking about 3 days or more. This involves keeping a good constant supply of smoke. The temperature in the smoke house must not get too hot and risk cooking the garlic, so a constant vigil is important. Because of the time factor and the long process involved we only operated the smoke house at the end of each month last season. This year we may have to smoke garlic every fortnight to meet the demand. The smoked garlic proved a real winner for gifts last season, with its gorgeous copper brown colour enhancing its appeal.

Oriental Purple Garlic

Oriental Purple Garlic

We have been cultivating and improving our famous Tenterfield Organic Purple Garlic over the past fourteen years and have trialled many varieties from around the world in conjunction with the Australian Garlic Industry Association.

We selected just one from over 90 other varieties for its unique robust flavour and its suitability to our crisp cold winters. This is now our highly sought after Rochford organic oriental purple garlic.

Australian garlic is world's best in terms of quality, as measured by its allicin and alliin content and Rochford Oriental Organic Garlic rates with Australia's best, receiving great reviews from organic retail outlets in all Australian states and territories and from Singapore

Available Mid Nov to May unless sold out

Strings of Oriental Purple garlic

Organic Garlic Strings/Plaits

Rochford Organic Garlic makes its famous garlic strings from the most beautiful bulbs. The strings are made to order, thereby ensuring freshness.

While the strings decorate any kitchen they are also practical. Just twist or cut off the bottom bulb for cooking and the remainder continues to look decorative in the kitchen.

Some people just use the strings for decoration only. We usually make from 3 bulb to 19 bulb strings.

Firm garlic bulbs with a tinge of purple

Large juicy, easy to peel cloves

Strong, aromatic, compelling flavour

Keeps well - November to June

Available mid Nov to May unless sold out.

Giant Russian or Elephant Garlic

Giant Russian/Elephant Garlic

Hot on the heels of our Oriental Purple's popularity is our Organic Giant Russian garlic. High altitude and cold winters are well known to influence the quality and flavour of garlic and our Giant Russian is certainly living up to this belief.
Russian garlic, also called Elephant garlic, is a speciality product to suit the needs of people who prefer a milder flavour to our famous purple garlic. While more closely related to the leek, Russian garlic has very large bulbs with very large cloves.
Because of its mild flavour Russian garlic may be more suited to some recipes in which it is used as a vegetable rather than an herb.
Available early January to May unless sold out.