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January 15th 2018

Giant Russian/Elephant garlic still available

December 2nd 2017

We are now sold out of Oriental Purple

February 24th 2017

We are currently thinking about our retirement after 26 successful years of running our garlic farm and living on this beautiful property. If the lifestyle appeals to you, please look at our property for sale page:


December 12th 2016


October 10th 2016
Here we are again for another garlic season! I can again comment (feb entry) on the wonderful spring rain we have had here on the Northern Tablelands. We don’t normally get our rain now but no complaints. We had a wonderful trip back to Ireland in July/August. We travelled around for 5 weeks visiting all the ancient sites, some dating back before the pyramids! It was a bit hard leaving it this time!!! But here we are back into it.
Of course this means our website is still out of date – our humble apologies! we are on to it right now. I have just sent off the changes to our wonderful webpage designer Fred Boulton so things should be updated very soon.

The garlic is looking good and on track for a late October harvest. So orders for Oriental Purple should be ready for dispatch mid November and the Russian early January.

Please get your orders in so you don’t miss out.

Feb 3 2016
What a wonderful year it has been in the Northern New England with plenty of rain – it looks just like Ireland ! We feel very fortunate when so many either coping with floods or battling bush fire. We never take our good fortune for granted.
We would like to thank all our regular customers for their support again this year and also our new customers who have just joined us. We have had some lovely comments which makes it all worth the effort and proves that there are more positive and beautiful souls in the world than negative.
We hope to supply you with a great product again next season. Please remember to get your order in early.
Many thanks and best wishes to you all for 2016.
Dick and Dora, Daisy and Archie – sorry no Nip or Fluff :)

November 13th and Dick is in the shed busy, busy, busy. This year our Oriental bulbs are smaller, which is disappointing after all the attention it got over the growing season. We have been talking to some of our bigger buyers and they said other growers are reporting the same. We didn’t have the usual long cold winter we normally have so we are wondering if that was it?
However, we did have some roasted last night and the flavour is still Silver Medal quality.

October 27th 2015

Garlic time again.  Just had a storm last night and a lovely 26ml of rain, always welcome.   What a year it has been.  We were very excited earlier this year to receive a Silver Medal in the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards for our Oriental Purple Garlic.  We were even more excited about the comments that we got for it.  “Nice tight skins, very firm bulbs and cloves. Good hot flavour”.  Wow! and we were almost not going to enter!!!!



Winners are grinners!.

November 29th

Well, thank goodness we have had some rain and a reprieve from the high temperatures – from an uncharacteristic 35 back to 25 phew what a difference!

As a result of the intense heat and dry we have been unable to start the fire yet for smoking. Although it is in the barn the risk was too great.  We hope to get it up and running very soon.

Dick is now taking in the Russian, which has been slow to mature this year – things are definitely changing!


November 18th

We are now in the shed and starting to send out orders.  We are hoping for a reprieve in the the weather before getting the fire going for the smoker!!

Mulch removal - first of the harvest.

Mulch removal – first of the harvest.

October 26th

We received 23 mls of rain earlier in the week which was very welcomed as it was starting to get very dry here.  No problem for the garlic of course with harvest now under way.  A much better yield this year so lots of garlic available to meet the demand.


Orders are sent out on a first in first served basis, so to avoid delay place your order as soon as possible.

We have been asked how best to store the garlic. We recommend that the garlic be kept in a cool dry place with good air flow around it.  We do not recommend placing it in the fridge as this keeps it moist and may encourage mould. This also applies to our smoked garlic.