Q: Do you sell to individuals?
A: Yes we do. Minimum purchase 2kg.

Q: Why is your price so low?
A: We have tried to keep our healthy organic garlic at an affordable price ever since we started growing it as we believe everyone should have access to good food.

Q: You don’t sell your garlic in nice boxes or packaging. Why?
A: We believe fancy packaging costs the earth, both in its production and disposal and is not sustainable, so we prefer not to go that way. It would also be a cost to our customers, as we would have to pass this expense on.

Q: How come your Russian is so big?
A: Our Russian was sourced from a German family and dates back to the early 1900s. It obviously likes our climate here on the Northern Tablelands.

Q: What does a consultation involve?
A: A Consultation service is available to anyone who is keen to grow a commercial crop of garlic. This involves a visit to our farm (where possible) and learning what we do, from preparing seed for planting to post harvest handling.

Q: Can we grow your garlic?
A: Yes. As an organic product there is nothing sprayed or used in anyway on the seed to stop it growing.