Rochford Organic Garlic

2019/20 season is now upon us and the garlic is looking good.

Harvest will commence the end of October. Oriental Purple will be ready for dispatch mid November and the Russian early January. Order now so you don’t miss out!

Rochford Organic Garlic has been in operation since 1989, with organic status since the beginning of 2001. The organic farm is situated just north of Tenterfield in the renowned wine, fruit and vegetable belt of the New England ranges in Northern New South Wales.

Our Garlic Varieties

Specialising in 2 varieties of organic garlic

  • Organic Oriental Purple
  • Organic Giant Russian or Elephant Garlic
What makes our garlic special?
  • Quality bulbs
  • Renowned flavour due to severe cold winters
  • Easy to peel large cloves
A combination of three cultures:
  • a) Oriental Purple, sourced from the cold highlands of Northern China in the early 1990s. b) Giant Russian, sourced from an old German family garden in Tenterfield, dating back to the early 1900s.
  • Both varieties grown in the cold Highlands of Tenterfield, Northern NSW (as low as –12 ° )
  • Has a particular Irish flavour – using traditional Irish farming methods.

It’s Garlic Time Again!

We are Rose and Steve, owners of Rochford Organic Garlic, . We feel honoured and blessed to have purchased this beautiful organic property from Dick and Dora right on the Tenterfield Creek. They have spent many years growing their organic garlic to perfection and we are so very fortunate that they have guided and mentored us every step of the way with this year’s garlic season to harvest. We had been looking for an organic farm for some time as we wanted to move away from the sudden business of the Sunshine Coast. We also wanted to create something that our whole family can visit and be a part of. Steve had lived in Tenterfield in his early days, so we started looking at the area and everything we wanted seemed to be right here. With the four seasons, pure clean air and fresh Tenterfield Creek water Dick and Dora’s organic farm was the perfect fit. So here we are We look forward to continuing to provide you now and into the future with the high quality, famous Rochford Organic Garlic! Kind Regards, Rose & Steve.